AML Connect

$4,995.00 plus GST

AML Connect is designed by leading AML/CFT experts and is your fast, easy and cost effective online solution for live webinar guided AML/CFT compliance.

AML Connect follows a structured approach to support you in meeting your compliance obligations with minimal disruption to your business.

With access to New Zealand’s leading AML/CFT compliance solution and live webinar support, your journey towards AML/CFT compliance will be fast, easy and cost effective.

How it works

AML Connect is designed to accelerate your AML/CFT compliance efforts. Purchase your licence here, receive your log-in details and make your way to AML/CFT compliance in six easy steps:

Enter your basic information and start to tailor your AML/CFT Programme

Be guided to automatically create your ML/TF Risk Assessment

Based on your information an industry specific AML/CFT Programme is automatically created. You will then be guided through refining the programme to your business needs

Based on your information the Customer Due Diligence Standards are automatically created. You will then be guided through refining them to align with your customer engagement

All documents created can be reviewed and edited before publishing and .pdf storage

The AML Operating Manual is automatically created and will be your guide to AML/CFT Programme implementation

Key benefits

The key benefits of AML Connect are:

  • Tailored AML/CFT compliance for your business
  • It is possible to achieve AML/CFT compliance quickly and easily
  • Ongoing AML/CFT compliance
  • Eliminates the need for in-house experts
  • Cost effective annual licence model
Compliance achieved

AML Connect will see your business:

  • Satisfy New Zealand regulatory requirements
  • Complete and maintain your ML/TF Risk Assessment
  • Complete and maintain your AML Programme Manual
  • Complete and maintain your Customer Due Diligence Standards
  • Complete and maintain your AML Operating Manual
  • Have access to a full audit trail
What you get

AML Connect includes:

  • A 12 month licence to New Zealand’s leading AML/CFT compliance solution – AML Accelerate (co-founded by Initialism)
  • Access to AML/CFT compliance training
  • Live webinar completion support
  • 24×7 technical support and help centre
  • Email support
  • Email alert notifications
What you'll need
  • Computer/tablet and internet connection
  • Knowledge about your company and its business
  • Knowledge about your products/services and your customers
  • Knowledge of any partners you use to engage customers or sell your products/services
Have Multiple Businesses?

Does your organisation have multiple regulated businesses or agencies?

Contact us about our Enterprise Level Solutions designed to streamline AML/CFT compliance obligations across your entire organisation.

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